Greater Kiowa Community Foundation

The Greater Kiowa Community Foundation gives citizens of this area the opportunity to make a lasting gift to a community which has been good to them.

The Greater Kiowa Community Foundation pools the assets and represents the ideas and interests of people who want to increase the impact of philanthropy. IT IS NOT A PLACE TO GIVE MONEY, BUT RATHER A METHOD FOR GIVING MONEY.

The Foundation receives and manages capital of all amounts from individuals, families, businesses, and foundations.  The income from this capital is applied to uses that serve the best interests of the community.

GKCF offers a very personal way for any citizen to make a meaningful contribution to the quality of life in the Kiowa area; a gift in perpetuity to charity or to a field of interest the earnings of a gift which can be applied to charities which need it the most; a memorial gift – gifts which will make the Kiowa area a better place in which to live and work.

The Greater Kiowa Community Foundation, a 501-C-3, IRC recognized tax exempt, non-profit corporation was organized for the purpose of providing funds to charitable, educational, health and governmental entities to further enhance their programs and activities.  Being designated a public charity under the IRS, Greater Kiowa Community Foundation (GKCS) provides valuable tax advantages.  The Foundation can provide information to potential donors and their advisors about the options available for their planning needs.